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Batman #125 sets an ominous tone for Zdarsky and Jiménez run

Batman #125

Zdarsky, Jiménez, and Morey begin their run together with ‘Failsafe,’ a six-issue story arc (the beginning of what Zdarsky calls a “long haul”) that introduces a mysterious new threat to the Caped Crusader: Gotham City’s billionaires are being gruesomely murdered.

“Bruce Wayne is at a turning point, haunted by dreams of a dark future,” reads DC’s description of ‘Failsafe,’ which also seems to double as the name of this new supervillain. “With the discovery of an archenemy’s involvement and a tragedy unfolding, the Dark Knight’s nightmares are just beginning.”

The writer compared Failsafe to Doomsday, the Kryptonian monster who once killed Superman.

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