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Best Action Movies of the Last 15 Years

best action movies

John Ford was wont to say that there is no image more cinematic than a man on a horse. If that concept sounds a bit antiquated, you must forgive the legendary filmmaker for coming of age in Hollywood during a time where Oaters were all the rage. But if you updated his idea to a man or woman on a motorcycle, runaway train, or some other type of speeding vehicle, with the sunset in their hair and a trail of baddies in their wake, and the assertion still holds true.

Despite the continued indifference of the Academy toward the bedrock importance of stunt work in the moviemaking industry, the daring sights of madmen, and sometimes even madder movie stars, hanging from the sides of planes or riding that fabled horse past walls of fire is as pure a distillation of visual entertainment as you can get. And in the last 15 years, there have been some mind meltingly excellent action movies. We here at Den of Geek have thus put our heads together, polled you dear readers, and figured out what are the very best action movies from the last decade and a half.

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