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Best American TV Comedies of the Last 15 Years

best american tv comedy

A collection of Den of Geek contributors and you, dear reader, have voted on everything from the best sci-fi video games to the best Marvel movies. It’s all been good fun, but with this our latest batch of voting we’re tackling our biggest challenge yet: comedy.

Comedy, as it turns out, is quite subjective. As our friends over in the Movie section have already discovered, folks have some strong opinions about what does and does not make them laugh. Thankfully, strong opinions are exactly what we’re looking for.

The past 15 years have been particularly kind to comedy on TV, so we wanted to honor that with not one but two lists of the best comedy TV shows of the last decade and a half. Below you can find our choices for the best American shows (and a Canadian show or two popular enough with American audiences to be considered eligible). Bear in mind that only shows that premiered within the past 15 years are eligible, meaning anything with a release date prior to 2007 (30 Rock, The Office, etc.) won’t make the list. And over here you can find our choices for the best British TV comedy shows.

(Find Den of Geeks favorite Armerican TV comedies HERE)