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Best British TV Comedies of the Last 15 Years

TV British comedies

There’s only one way to celebrate a geek birthday: a list-based ranking conducted through a system of point-calibrated votes! That’s how Den of Geek has been marking its 15th anniversary this year anyway, and nobody’s stopped us yet. Site contributors and readers have already voted for the best sci-fi video games, the best sci-fi TV shows, sci-fi movies and comedy movies of the last 15 years. It’s a voting, listing hullaballoo, and we’re not even finished.

This time, we’re going forensic with not one but two lists of the greatest comedy TV shows of the last decade and a half – one for UK comedies, one for US comedies. That way a hat could be tipped to both the likes of ‘Big Hank’s Yee-Haw Rodeo Hour’ and ‘Mr Trimbly-Smythe and the Marchioness’ without either country getting left behind. A peaceable solution.

Read on to discover your picks and ours for the most popular TV comedy shows that made their debut in the UK post-2007…

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