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Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, it’s time to get into ‘Lower Decks’

star trek lower decks


Some franchises are so big that they offer their fans a wide galaxy of stories and characters to enjoy. But such vast multi-media universes can be intimidating — when there’s a dizzying array of 13 star-stuffed movies and 12 TV shows, where does one even begin?

Star Trek has long been such a franchise for me. Of course, I’ve seen a bunch of the movies (and sequels and reboots) as well as a smattering of episodes across the decades of reruns. I even know a lot of character names and quirkier moments thanks to memes, catchphrases, and cultural osmosis. But with each launch of a new Star Trek series, I feel that pang of panic: Would I even be able to follow the story without knowing all those that came before?

Thankfully, Star Trek: Lower Decks doesn’t care if you know Kirk from Picard. It’ll have you cracking up at its “strange energies” all the same…

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