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Everything to know about Netflix’s The Sandman before watching


August 8, 2022

Netflix’s fantasy series The Sandman opens with a small chunk of exposition explaining its protagonist Morpheus, the King of Dreams — which is much more than comics readers got when Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series launched in 1988. Even given the series’ small concession to an audience that may need upfront hooks to commit to the show, both the comics version and the Netflix version of the story leave a great deal for the audience to learn over time. And both versions parcel out that information slowly, as it becomes relevant to a story where the scope is constantly shifting from the personal to the cosmic.

For those who find this kind of storytelling frustrating, though — viewers who aren’t familiar with the comics and don’t want to spend the first season asking, “Who are these people, why are they like this, and what are they referencing?” — this handy guide to the Sandman cosmos and its most important concepts and characters could come in handy…

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