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Ms. Marvel: the comic book origin and powers of Kamala Khan

July 16, 2022

Who is Ms. Marvel?

Kamala Khan is actually the second superhero to take the name Ms. Marvel in Marvel comic books. She’s what’s colloquially referred to in the comic book community as a “legacy” character.

The moniker was first used by Kamala’s mentor and idol, Carol Danvers, who MCU fans know as Captain Marvel.  In comics, Carol operated as Ms. Marvel when her own mentor, the Kree war hero-Space Fleet officer Mar-Vell (reimagined in the movies as a Kree scientist played by Annette Bening), was still alive and working as the original Captain Marvel.  Like Carol, Kamala has an ancestral connection to the Kree – though not the same way Carol does. To explain, we have to go back to her origin.

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Kamala is a Pakistani American and a practicing Muslim who, like Marvel’s original teen hero Peter Parker/Spider-Man, balances her life as a teenage superhero with her commitments to school and family.  For most of her life, Kamala believed she was an ordinary human, though she longed to gain superpowers like her heroes the Avengers (she even wrote herself into Avengers fan fiction before becoming Ms. Marvel!)…

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