Star Wars: Dark Droids Background and Reading Order

star wars dark droids

Droids are a foundational element of the Star Wars franchise. They get things done, doing various tasks from engineering to translation. To many characters, droids are also companions, joining heroes on adventures. But what would happen if they stopped performing their roles and turned on people?

That’s the basic premise of Star Wars: Dark Droids, the latest Star Wars comic book event. What’s happening to the droids? Will our heroes (and villains) be able to stop this robot uprising? You’ll have to read this horror-themed story to find out.

The Star Wars comic book events can be confusing, bringing multiple series together. The Star Wars: Dark Droids reading order is here to make sense of it all. It features the recommended reading order, background reading, release dates, and more. Soon you’ll be able to jump into this Star Wars story with ease…

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