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Who’s who in ‘House of the Dragon’: The Targaryen family tree

house of dragons tree


Once upon a time in the fantasy land of Westeros, a clan of fireproof, dragon-riding blondes took over the Seven Kingdoms and committed a shocking amount of direct sibling incest. They were House Targaryen, and they ruled for centuries until one of their descendants fumbled the bag and let Robert Baratheon usurp the throne. Then came the story of Game of Thrones… and we all know how that turned out.

House of the Dragon turns back the clock to the weird old days of Targaryen rule — more specifically the period before and during a civil war called the Dance of the Dragons. Needless to say, there are a lot more Targaryens around in this time than there were during Thrones, and remembering who’s related to who is a lot harder in this show. Don’t worry though, we got you.

This is the family tree as it exists at the start of House of the Dragon. Only the most relevant children in each generation are included, since fully outlining the dozens of rogue cousins, usurpers, minor monarchs, and temporary heirs would literally take longer than just watching the first episode.

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