16 of the Best New Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

horror movies

October 2022 is overflowing with fright flicks, like ten pounds of guts in a five-pound bag. There’s something for every kind of horror fan. If you’re into making discoveries, there are obscure-but-promising, streaming-only flicks like Deadstream and Piggy. If you’re a more mainstream fan, there are new entries from blockbuster franchises like Halloween and Hellraiser. And […]

Delicious Reads About Your Favorite Candy

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From the history of Pez to the science of gummies, and why red Starburst reign supreme—help yourself to some of the most fascinating stories about candy, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Find more candy stories than you can sample courtesy of Pocket.com)  

The Best Halloween Candy To Buy

halloween candy

Spooky season is about to be in full swing. So, it’s safe to say you’ll need to fill up those Halloween candy bowls with at least a couple of bags to help the neighborhood kids get their sweet tooth on. When purchasing Halloween candy, there are two critical questions to ask yourself…. (Find Spy’s Halloween […]

The 46 Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2022

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We’ll admit it — Halloween is our favorite time of the year, even more than Christmas. We all get one night to dress up as someone or something completely different from our ordinary selves and feel smarter, sexier, stronger, or more interesting than we do in our daily lives. And if you regularly binge-watch Netflix, […]

Fact or Fiction: Are Vampires Real?

are vampires real

While even the most ardent vampire admirers recognize vampires as fictional beings, there was a time when people had real fears about falling prey to these children of the night. Long ago, way before the days of emotional debates on the merits of Team Edward versus Team Jacob, people devoted a lot of time and […]

The History of Halloween

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Explore the ancient (and not-so-ancient) origins of Halloween traditions, including the surprisingly sultry history of bobbing for apples, the devilish legend behind the Jack-o-Lantern, and why everybody loves rewatching Hocus Pocus…. (find a ghoulish collection of Halloween related tales on HERE)

The Pets Who Have Run for Political Office in the US

pets in politics

In a country divided on just about everything, there’s one issue with the potential to unify our nation: getting more pets into politics. On April 24, Jinx, the big-eyed black cat with over 435,000 Instagram followers, was the first pet mayor of Hell, Michigan, a town outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan that offers a “Mayor of the […]

The Must-See Horror Movies From Every Decade

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Horror is a film genre as old as the medium itself. Since the start of the cinemas, people have packed the seats in hopes of getting some chills and thrills. As a life-long fan of the genre, it’s essential to recognize the history of horror and see how we got to the point we are […]

Classic Must-Read Horror Books

horror books

From Penguin Random House: Open these books, if you dare… This list has our must-read horror books for the season, from spooky classics to contemporary favorites…  

‘Blonde’ Review

Blonde tv movie

You might feel like you need a shower after Blonde, but hey, at least it’s not bland. In his first narrative feature in 10 years, Andrew Dominik brings intoxicating visual style and a voyeuristic leer to Joyce Carol Oates’ 700-plus page biographical fiction novel of the same name. A mythic fable about Marilyn Monroe as […]