16 of the Best New Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

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October 2022 is overflowing with fright flicks, like ten pounds of guts in a five-pound bag. There’s something for every kind of horror fan. If you’re into making discoveries, there are obscure-but-promising, streaming-only flicks like Deadstream and Piggy. If you’re a more mainstream fan, there are new entries from blockbuster franchises like Halloween and Hellraiser. And […]

The Must-See Horror Movies From Every Decade

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Horror is a film genre as old as the medium itself. Since the start of the cinemas, people have packed the seats in hopes of getting some chills and thrills. As a life-long fan of the genre, it’s essential to recognize the history of horror and see how we got to the point we are […]

The 32 best vampire movies

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The subject of vampirism lends itself to all manner of juicy metaphors; you might be hard-pressed to locate a film about vampires that isn’t taking on themes larger than simple blood-siphoning. They are perhaps the only movie monster that is tonally fluid, headlining a variety of films ranging from existential ruminations on bullying from Sweden, […]